Fantasi Lemonade Ice 50/50 | 100ml for £8.99 | Free Shipping Over £20 Vapoholic 313622

Fantasi Lemonade Ice 50/50 VG/PG E LiquidA great quality lemonade can make or break any garden party, the secret to it’s fantastic flavour is it’s ingredients. Start with large, fresh, and zesty lemons, remove the peal and set aside. Blend the lemons with sugar and fresh distilled water, and grind the zest into the mix. Add plenty of ice and a couple slices of fresh lemon for added tart. Or you could choose to vape our highly rated, UK trademarked, Fantasi Lemonade Ice E liquid for the same tarty, supercool, fresh lemonade experience!Useful InformationThis E Liquid is made with a 50/50 mix (50% VG to 50% PG). As PG is thinner than VG, you’ll need a lower powered Plus Ohm device to ensure the E Liquid is vaporised correctly.To learn more about E Liquid ratios, how to use Shortfill E Liquids, or how to properly choose/maintain your coils, have a look at our handy guides below!– View our E Liquid Guide– View our Shortfill Guide– View our Vape Coil GuideFantasi Lemonade Ice 50/50 E Liquid – Fresh and zesty lemonade experience!

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