Heizenberry E Liquid | 10ml for £1 | 3mg to 18mg | Free Shipping Over £20 Vapoholic 262021

Heizenberry – 10ml E LiquidOur Heizenberry 10ml (formerly Heizenberg 10ml) saves you the trouble of adding your own nicotine with our handy pre-mixed bottles. Blended with a super smooth 50% PG / 50% VG E Liquid, you can grab yours in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg strength. We took the unique secret recipe and added our own touch of cool absinthe along with aniseed to round off the flavour and we believe we’ve made it better than ever! On inhale the delicious mix of menthol and aniseed blend together with the absinthe for a mouth watering experience. On exhale, the fruity infusion of mixed berries slowly takes over the flavour leaving you with a deliciously moreish aftertaste.Useful InformationThis E Liquid is made with a 50/50 mix (50% VG to 50% PG). As PG is thinner than VG, you’ll need a lower powered Plus Ohm device to ensure the E Liquid is vaporised correctly.To learn more about E Liquids, how to choose the perfect Vape Kit, or how to properly choose/maintain your coils, have a look at our handy guides below!– View our E Liquid Guide– View our Vape Kit Guide– View our Vape Coil GuideHeizenberry – 10ml E Liquid – Quite simply, our Heizenberry is the best Heisenberg around!

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