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The SMOK Nord Coils have been designed for ease of use and flavour in mind. You can choose between regular, regular DC or meshed coils to really refine your vaping experience.Pack of 5.PLEASE NOTE: If you are using the SMOK Nord RPM Pod with your device, you’ll need to use the SMOK RPM Coils. Unsure if you’re using the PRM or regular Pod? Have a look on the side of the Pod itself, it will say either Nord or RPM.These coils will work with the following devices:– SMOK Nord Pod Kit– SMOK Nord Pod 2 Kit– SMOK Nord AIO Kit 19– SMOK Nord AIO Kit 22Coils with a resistance less than 1ohm are known as Sub Ohm coils. These coils require a lot of power and heat up very quickly. To make sure your E Liquid doesn’t vaporise too fast leading to burned coils, we recommend using a thicker High VG E Liquid like our 70/30 E Liquids (70% VG to 30% PG).Coils with a resistance above 1ohm are known as Plus Ohm coils. These coils don’t require as much power to heat up and don’t get as hot as their Sub Ohm cousins. Because of this, thinner E Liquid is used so the coil doesn’t get clogged up too quickly. We recommend using a thinner High PG E Liquid like our 50/50 E Liquid (50% VG to 50% PG).SMOK Nord Mesh 0.6Ω Coils– Recommended 20wSMOK Nord Regular 1.4Ω Coils– Recommended 20WSMOK Nord Regular DC 0.6Ω Coils– Recommended 20WIf you want to know more about E Liquid mixes and ratios, have a look at our E Liquid Guide. To learn more about coils and resistances, our Vape Coil Guide has all the information you need.

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